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#1 Question: What Can You Write About & What Types Of Papers Can You Write?
Custom ghost writing can be written on any subject and is written from scratch according to the specific instructions provided at the start of the assignment. It may be written in MLA, APA, Chicago, or any other popular writing style.
1) Resumes / Cover Letters
2) Magazine Articles
3) Professional Letters / Queries
4) Biographies
5) About Us Pages
6) Copy Editing / Editing
7) Blogging
8) Speeches
9) Proofreading
10) News Articles
11) Content Writing for Websites
12) And much more...

We also write & edit any number of documents and papers including business flyers, restaurant menus, brochures, signs, websites, and business presentations. Additionally, we can create Powerpoint slide shows and customize it according to your specific needs.

#2 Question: Who Are Your Customers & Who Uses Creative Writing Geeks?


They consist of everyday people such as business owners, artists, entrepreneurs, & parents.


Creative Writing Geeks Guarantee


Guarantee 1: 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee: 1) the project has not been delivered; 2) the writer has not been assigned; 3) the delivered project contains plagiarism; and 4) the assignment is not written in accordance to the instruction points. We appreciate your choice of our professional writing and editing services.
Guarantee 2: No Plagiarism!
We deliver custom written and professionally edited original written works. We never plagiarize. Each assignment begins with a clean slate and is all custom work. That is why you can tell us exactly what style you need your assignment to be in, hence the origin of the name Creative Writing Geeks.
Guarantee 3: Professional Writers!
A requirement for all writers is that they have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree. We devote sufficient time, efforts, and resources to hire the most experienced and educated writers. We understand that high-quality is the most important for our clients and we make sure that only the best writers are assigned to work at our company.

Guarantee 4: Time is of the essence
You pay money to get your ghost written document or project edited by a specific time and we ensure that you receive it at the time promised at the start of the assignment. Most of our competitors will never inform you about the delay and will never return your money for missed deadlines. We deliver what we say we will!

Guarantee 5: Free Revisions!
Sometimes, you may not be absolutely satisfied with the final draft. It happens for many reasons. For example, some of the points were not included in the instruction field.  No problem!  We will write revisions for FREE in such situations. Thus, you will get the best possible paper written in full accordance to your instructions, requirements, and expectations.


Guarantee 6: Uniqueness
We deliver only custom written works, fully referenced and to the point.
Guarantee 7: Relevance
  For all assignments, we will meet all requirements and instructions.
Guarantee 8: Professionalism
Our writers are qualified to assist you with your project. Therefore, we pay close attention to history of education and experience of every single member of our team. Additionally, we work by the Golden Rule. We treat you the way we wish to be treated!
Guarantee 9: Confidentiality & Privacy
Privacy is at the utmost importance, because it is the backbone of our company.

That is why we offer non disclosure confidentiality agreements. By default you will be protected because you are contracting us and you automatically will have the copyrights to all your work.

As an added measure and to offer peace of mind we suggest you to have a non disclosure agreement if you are concerned.

we guarantee that projects we write for you are not to be posted online or resold by us to other clients as mentioned before you will own the copyrights.


Benefits You Get

1. Peace of mind knowing that your project will be done right the first time and with extreme precision, based on the guidelines that you specify. Every week, we help many clients with their assignments, resumes, business presentations, and websites. Since we service our clients the way we expect to be served, we exceed our clients expectations, keeping them coming back again and again.

2. Free Revisions are yours until the assignment or project is approved to your likeness. Occasionally, a paper needs to have additional attributes added or removed to meet your needs. We understand that not all aspects of an assignment can be explained which is why we will revise your project for FREE.

3. Educated Writers are hired to write our content, all with various degrees, including Professors, instructors, retired teachers and journalists. We can cover almost any subject with the large number of writers that we employ. Every writer has a minimum of a Bachelors degree or higher and must have previous writing experience. Many of our writers are experts in their respective fields, offering first-hand knowledge to their own area of study.

4. We Treat Each Paper As If It Were Our Own. We take pride in our work, passing years of experience and knowledge to you through our carefully chosen words. If we were doing an assignment for ourselves, the same amount of effort, concentration, and energy would go into it, turning it into a respectable masterpiece that we take pride in providing to you.

5. Honest Work Is Our Policy since each project is 100% custom, never do our clients have to worry about the quality of the information provided to you on a project or gig. We do not store your information after 7 days for revision reasons or use computerized documents of any kind. Each assignment or gig entails original research, no matter the subject.




We always remember and value our customers and without you, we wouldn't have gotten so far. That is why we are so grateful for your wonderful testimonials and the trust you have given Creative Writing Geeks.


“As a full-time mom & employee it is sometimes difficult to get through all my writings. Thank God for Creative Writing Geeks...they are truly a Godsend. The process is simple. I submit my work with the due date and they complete it and email to me before I expect the assignment back. It's great! And not only are they prompt, the writing is well-worded in whichever format is required. Not only will I always and forever use their service, but I will recommend Creative Writing Geeks to everyone!!!!”

Kady E. / New York





"I had Shannon write a newsletter article for me and she did a great job!! Thanks again..."

 Lillian P. / New York





"The writer was very polite and professional. Delivered on time and wrote beautifully."

Beth V. / New Jersey




"Well written and fast,, they were very helpful and kept me up to date via text."

Anthony J. / California





"After many years of service at my present job I decided to spread my wings and adventure into the job market. Because resumes and interviewing has been a thing of the past for me, I reached out for some help. Creative Writing Geeks were the answer to my prayers. They were efficient, timely, very professional and extremely helpful in all my needs. The resume they created for me helped me to land the first job I interviewed for I am now on my way to the career I always dreamed of having. I highly recommend this service to everyone and will continue to use Creative Writing Geeks for any further projects!" Thank You..

Donna M. / New York